BSRI was founded in 1976, shortly after its sister company, Behavioral Science Research Corporation (BSRC), to facilitate public health research within the non-profit sector. In 2014, the two companies separated, and BSRI has since been providing research, consultation, and evaluation services to dozens of community health centers, hospitals, non-profits, and other organizations in South Florida and nationally. BSRI has developed and promoted evaluation design and implementation across multiple fields including behavioral health (mental health and substance use), primary care (emergency department utilization, integration), homelessness, child development, human trafficking, and older adult wellness. BSRI does not provide direct services (e.g. healthcare, prevention) to individuals.

Core Values

These values were developed with input from all company employees and the Board of Directors. They are used to guide both day-to-day operation as well as business decisions. BSRI understands the importance of employee wellness and strives to provide a positive work-life balance.

  • Integrity
  • Empirical Grounding
  • Community Collaboration and Social Justice
  • Professional Development
  • Individual and Family Wellness
  • Respect for Human Diversity

Our mission is to support the people who help people by providing targeted applied research to empower community organizations to make optimal use of their resources.

Our company vision is to allow community-based organizations to reach their full potential in serving clients and communities.

Our community vision is to exist in a world that values and provides whole person health for all individuals.