BSRI strives to provide services with the utmost focus on client/organizational needs and satisfaction. We approach each project by listening to the clients, to the community being served, and other key stakeholders. All of our services – needs assessments and program evaluation – are based on a collaborative and iterative process. Although we may have some a priori ideas for a study plan/design, we fully expect the process to involve feedback from stakeholders, which may in turn modify the evaluative process.  Moreover, if there are any budget, time, or data constraints regarding a project, we utilize a ‘shoestring’ evaluation approach, which ensures the highest quality evaluation possible under these common constraints.

spf-stepsBSRI services are all grounded in an ecological framework perspective which views persons and their interactions as dynamic aspects of the many contexts they are in.  Hence, we piece together a fuller picture through research inquiry, meetings with clients and community partners, and background socio-political research.  BSRI is always motivated to stay abreast of current trends, topics, and policies related to public health and to keep strong lines of communication open with various communities so that we remain on the “pulse” of what is being played out in local communities. We implement projects via various frameworks including those endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (e.g. RE-AIM) and the Strategic Prevention Framework (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). We look forward to learning more about you and your agency’s needs!